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Matt, The sat phone worked great. 20 Honda Dirt Bike riders and no cell service up at Kennedy Meadows, Ca. We never had to use it for an emergency but we did try a few times up in the forest and at camp and it performed flawlessly.



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Update on Iridium Satellite Constellation

Published on 2009-02-13

BETHESDA, MD – February 13, 2009 – Iridium Satellite LLC announces that it has completed its service hole patch in relation to its recent satellite loss.  The company announced on February 11, 2009 that it lost an operational satellite as the result of a collision with a non-operational Russian satellite.  The company also announced that the satellite loss may have resulted in very limited service disruption in the form of brief, occasional outages.  Though the satellite loss has had minimal impact on Iridium’s service, the company has taken immediate action to address any impact.  The Iridium service hole patch addresses a significant portion of outages that customers otherwise might have experienced.

Due to the mesh design of the Iridium network, the company expects further impact to customers to be limited.  The company also is taking the necessary steps to replace the lost satellite with one of its in-orbit spares, and the operational planning stage is underway.  In addition, Iridium is continuing to work with the appropriate government agencies to gather additional information about the collision.