"With a satellite phone, you are never alone!"
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Matt, The sat phone worked great. 20 Honda Dirt Bike riders and no cell service up at Kennedy Meadows, Ca. We never had to use it for an emergency but we did try a few times up in the forest and at camp and it performed flawlessly.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Satellite Phone Replace my Mobile Phone?

No, a satellite phone provides coverage into the areas where your regular mobile phone may not have coverage.

It is ideal in cases of emergencies when regular mobile towers may not be online.

However, in the case of international travel a satellite phone may be considerable cheaper on a minute by minute comparison with a traveling cellular phone. Satellite phones rates are the same anywhere in the world.

Do Satellite Phones Work Anywhere?

Yes, Satellite phones can work in any area in the world with direct access to the sky. The Iridium satellite phone is covered by 66 orbiting satellites which are constantly circling the globe. The satellites are approx. 500 miles up and have complete total coverage of the world.

What is the function of the SIM card?

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards are currently used in all GSM-based systems. The SIM card is a removable module that contains user identity, account information, and stores phone numbers which can be used in any compatible Iridium satellite phone where your SIM card is present. When inserted into a satellite telephone, it allows you to place or receive calls. The SIM card may already be inserted into your Iridium satellite phone when you receive it from the dealer. If it is not, you can easily insert it into the slot provided on the handset.