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Matt, The sat phone worked great. 20 Honda Dirt Bike riders and no cell service up at Kennedy Meadows, Ca. We never had to use it for an emergency but we did try a few times up in the forest and at camp and it performed flawlessly.



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Did you know that during Hurricane Katrina, cell phones stopped working because cellular networks were overwhelmed? Did you know that during 9/11, the greatest terrorist attack on our nation in generations, the emergency response system touted by federal officials and tested repeatedly on our nation's airwaves failed to sound off.

"Iridium phones are the only handsets that can be used in absolutely any location, in any condition, instead of cellular, landline or radio services that can become inoperable when towers go down or telecommunication infrastructures are compromised."

Never risk being out of touch again. In a flood, fire, earthquake, tornado and any other natural disaster, protect your family, your safety and your property with a satellite telephone. Used reliably worldwide by foreign correspondents, The Department of Defense and outdoor adventurers, a satellite phone will insure that no matter what natural or man-made disaster is unfolding all around you, you will be able to take care of your loved ones. In an uncertain world, you can't rely on anybody but yourself.


For the past 20+ years I was an Operations Manager at The Los Angeles Times. I have helped with coverage on all major news stories and in every instance the need was the same; communication. Whether it was earthquakes, fires or floods in California to news events in every part of the world, I found ways for Reporters and Photographers to communicate back to the News Desk.

Communication Trends

We have been following a consistent trend in communication for the past 20 years; everything is going up. When I started in this business the communication system was the pager, we all remember those. Well from the simple beep to now the Blackberry we have continued that trend towards 'upward' mobility with our communication.

The pager started off with a signal going through land lines. Not great, but efficient at the time. Our next revolution in communication (and also our disaster backup system) was the two-way radio. We moved from the land line to a mountain top tower. This system was very effective in an emergency. As the land lines were flooded with emergency calls our mountain top repeaters worked flawlessly. (Unless of course they burned down, slid down or crumbled down the mountain, which in time has either happened or will happen, to most of them).

The Next Big One

We, like everyone else then moved to the cellular phone. (which by the way just recently celebrated its 25 year anniversary). We all got them at first as "emergency phones". We put them in our cars and used them only if we had to. Again the mobility of the signal is moving upward. We are now off the land based line and the mountain top line of site to the cellular tower. We now have thousands of them across the country. Well this was an obvious improvement to land lines, pagers and two-way radios, but the cellular system has major deficiencies. They are still connected to land.

Cell phones hanging from a palm tree

So as you make your cellular calls and your signal is literally following you across town and hopping from tower to tower or 'fake palm tree' to building towers, everything seems to be okay. However, we still have one major issue: we are still tied down to the most volatile land mass in existence; earth.

Again, during our earthquakes, fires, floods, tornado's, hurricanes, man made and natural disasters of all types, our cellular 'communication' network is susceptible to major infrastructure failure. Not to mention the thousands of callers who are tying to make a call on this overused (and possibly underwater or under a building) cellular antennae.

The Next Course of Action

Man standing on top of a children's slide with a cell phone

Again the answer is to go up. Many of us think that our cellular calls go somewhere 'up high' when we are calling long distance. Nope, they bounce across the country from infrastructure to infrastructure. If they do go up to take a major leap across a large land mass they will always come back down to a susceptible land based tower.

To make a long story short, the only obvious answer to our communication needs, and the absolute communication guarantee is to get the signal off the ground and have it go straight up to a satellite. These satellite's (or birds) have been flying around in low orbit for many years. Well now we have 66 of these birds dedicated to the Iridium satellite phone service (and more to follow). So with these 'Birds In The Sky' we can get a call out to anyone, anywhere around the world at any time. The signal is not impeded at all by the weak infrastructure on the ground. If you can stand out and see the sky you have communication peace of mind.

Yes, this means anywhere you go in the world. You have 'Communication Peace of Mind' Whether you are taking the kids hiking, going on a mountain bike ride, traveling across the desert or mountains or even going on a simple 'three hour cruise' you always have the birds in the sky with you and your Iridium phone will provide your communication.

Oh and back to the top of the story, whenever a Reporter or Photographer had to have guaranteed communication anywhere in the world, we had them use a satellite phone......

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